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Introducing the Sunstyle® pH Balancing Booth Solution Vented 1 gallon – the key step you need to achieve maximum results in your sunless tanning experience. Before indulging in the flawless glow of Sunstyle® products, make sure to prepare your skin with our pH balancing booth solution for unparalleled outcomes.


The Sunstyle® pH Balancing Booth Solution Vented 1 gallon is the ideal size for professional tanning salons and spas, ensuring that you have an abundant supply of this essential preparatory solution at your fingertips. Our vented container is designed for convenient and controlled dispensing, making application a breeze.


Take your sunless tanning experience to new heights with the Sunstyle® pH Balancing Booth Solution Vented 1 gallon. Achieve optimal results, enjoy a refreshing fragrance, and say goodbye to any unwanted odors. Trust in Sunstyle® to provide you with the perfect balance for a flawless and long-lasting tan.

Sunstyle® pH Balancing Booth Solution Vented 1 Gallon

SKU: 40008
  • Our pH balancing booth solution is specifically designed to optimize the effectiveness of sunless products. By applying this preparatory spray, you can achieve the perfect pH balance on your skin, ensuring that our sunless tanning solution adheres flawlessly and provides you with a natural, streak-free tan that lasts.

    Infused with the delightful fragrance of Pink Sugar our pH balancing booth solution not only preps your skin but also leaves you with a refreshing and pleasant scent after your tanning session. Say goodbye to the unpleasant odor often associated with sunless tanning, and embrace the invigorating fragrance that accompanies your beautifully bronzed skin.

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